Courtroom Audio/Camera Request

Pursuant to Rule 122, Arizona Supreme Court Rules – Use of Recording Devices in a Courtroom, audio and/or video recording and photography is not permitted in the courthouse, courtrooms, or court offices without prior authorization. Permission should be requested at least 48 hours before a hearing, and 7 days before a trial. Once a request is received, the court will notify the parties of the request.

You must receive written authorization in order to film or record. Without written authorization from the Court, any recording will be prohibited.

A request may be subjected to denial based on:

  • The impact of coverage upon the right of any party to a fair hearing or trial;
  • The impact of coverage upon the right of privacy of any party, victim, or witness;
  • The impact of coverage upon the safety and well-being of any party, victim, witness, or juror;
  • The likelihood that coverage would distract participants or that coverage would disrupt or detract from the dignity of a proceeding;
  • The adequacy of the physical facilities of the court;
  • The timeliness of the request pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of this rule;
  • Whether the person making the request is engaged in the dissemination of news to a broad community; and
  • Any other factor affecting the administration of justice.

Please complete the form entirely, incomplete requests may not be considered.

Type of Recording Requested
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