Chandler Fire Recruit Testing Process

To become a Chandler Fire Department firefighter, you must complete the following steps:

The primary function of a Chandler Firefighter is to protect the community from disaster situations, including house and building fires, and promote an environment of public safety within the City of Chandler Fire Department's response area.

This position also participates in fire prevention and inspection activities, equipment and quarters maintenance, and training dealing with all phases of fire suppression, prevention, inspection, rescue and emergency operation.

An employee in this classification performs the duties of other employees in the Chandler Fire Department when so assigned.

This exam will test the candidate’s ability to comprehend fire-related materials, to apply logic, to engage in mathematical reasoning, and to operate in a team environment.

This standardized physical ability test is designed to assess a candidate’s capacity to perform the physical tasks required of a firefighter. The CPAT conducted by the Chandler Fire Department is invitation only; however, candidates are encouraged to participate in the CPAT offered through Maricopa Community Colleges or other organizations. Both in and out-of-state results are accepted and must be within one calendar year of hire date.

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

The first of two Oral Board examinations will require a candidate to answer a panel of open-ended questions pertaining to their background and experiences. These interviews are often conducted by 2-4 Department members.

The Chandler Fire Department recommends that candidates practice interviewing and visit one of the eleven fire stations to get insight from current firefighters.

The final Oral Board examination is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to answer detailed follow-up questions related to the First Oral Board. Candidates may also complete a Writing Ability Test, which assesses the ability to write clearly, concisely, and accurately, with little grammatical errors.

The Candidate Evaluation lasts five weeks and occurs towards the end of the hiring process. Candidates attend a basic firefighter training one evening during the week and each Saturday. During training events, candidates are evaluated on their physical fitness, teamwork, and comprehension of fire science theory and other coursework.

At the conclusion of the event, staff will recommend which candidates should advance to the Fire Academy. Note that candidates are not offered employment during the internship phase of training.

The final phase of the hiring process is known as the Recruit Academy. Candidates are offered employment which is contingent on successfully completing the Recruit Academy. This 14-week program occurs Monday through Friday and includes advanced training on firefighting, responding to medical emergencies, and navigating hazardous materials incidents.

At the completion of the Recruit Academy, each new firefighter will be assigned to a front-line crew and placed on a 56-hour weekly shift schedule.