Eviction Prevention Assistance

Woman comforting another during an intake process

If you can’t pay your rent, mortgage or utility bill, we can help. If you have experienced a loss of income or have unexpected expenses and are in need of assistance, the City of Chandler has funds that can help. If you’ve previously received rent/utility assistance, you are welcome to reapply for additional funding. 

Please apply for assistance through Maricopa County or through the Chandler Salvation Army.

If you are in need of assistance but don't live in Chandler, you can find help at:

Interested applicants will need to complete a pre-screening application available through Maricopa County. You will find details of the application process.

  1. Complete a pre-screen application available through Maricopa County.
  2. Once your application is submitted, contact the City of Chandler Utility Services at 480-782-2280 to let them know an application has been submitted through Maricopa County's online portal.

Chandler Cares Team

The Chandler Cares team is based out of the City’s Neighborhood Resources Department and is available to assist you and your family when dealing with difficulties related to the country’s ongoing situation. If you have experienced a loss of income, have unexpected expenses or are in need of food, medical, utility, rental or other assistance, reach out the Chandler Cares Team for assistance.

Chandler Cares Team