Alley Maintenance Program

The City of Chandler is home to approximately 139 miles of alleys that are typically utilized for trash and recycling collection, utility work, and provide access points for emergency and non-emergency vehicles. Chandler city code section 30-18(L)(2) requires residents to maintain their alleys from their property line to the centerline of the alley. This entails keeping the alleys free of code violations that typically include litter/trash/debris and overgrown vegetation (grass, weeds, etc.) and thus ensuring they do not present a blighted appearance.

The Neighborhood Preservation Technician identifies which properties are in violation and records the specific type of violation(s). These are the items that are looked for during inspections:

  • The alley is free of overgrown grass, weeds, and dead vegetation.
  • Trees and bushes are trimmed back to allow free access through the alley. Trees must allow 15 feet of clearance from the ground and do not encroach into the center of the alley.
  • Trash, litter, and loose debris are placed inside trash receptacles. Bulk items must be scheduled for pick up through Solid Wastes Services Bulk Collection Pick Up.
  • Property fences and brick walls are structurally sound and do not show signs of deterioration.
  • The alley is free and clear of graffiti

The program utilizes a Neighborhood Preservation Technician who conducts a series of inspections specifically targeting all neighborhood alleys located within the City of Chandler. The City is divided into three distinct areas with neighborhood alleys. Alley inspections are conducted one area at a time and the program consists of a total of three phases.

The first phase of the program entails conducting a baseline inspection to gather data on the current state of the alleys before city intervention. Properties observed to be out of compliance will receive an educational letter.

The second phase involves a re-inspection of the survey area. Properties that continue to be in violation will receive a final educational letter reminding them of their responsibilities to maintain the section of the alleyway in accordance with city code.

The final phase includes a final inspection with any remaining properties. Properties with violations are forwarded to Code Enforcement staff to initiate code enforcement cases.

The Alley Maintenance program has proven to be a highly effective program. Between 2019 to 2020, 2,143 alleys were proactively inspected and identified with code violations. The result was an overall 97% voluntary compliance rate achieved. This equated to a relatively small number of cases having to be referred to Code Enforcement staff.

Neighborhood Assistance

Code Enforcement


Contact the Neighborhood Preservation Division if you have any questions pertaining to city code, or if you would like to report a city code violation.

Graffiti Elimination Team


If you have any questions pertaining to graffiti, city code, or if you would like to report a city code violation call the Neighborhood Preservation Division.

Neighborhood Programs


Call Neighborhood Programs if you need to borrow tools from the City’s Tools On The Go Program to remove any alley violations.

Solid Waste Services


Bulk Services can assist if you have discovered that someone has illegally dumped bulk items in your section of the alley.

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