Smart Water Controllers and Conservation

Just because you’re watering your yard doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient. Up to 70 percent of your household water is used outdoors, so your yard is one of the most important places to strive for efficiency.

Arizona weather changes much more frequently and dramatically than in more temperate four-season climates. Still, many of us only adjust our watering clock or controller a few times a year. 

But watering efficiently in the desert goes well beyond seasonal adjustments. To start, seasonal adjustments don’t accurately take into account rainfall. To take full advantage of rainwater, consider installing a smart controller to automatically adjust your watering.  

Outdoor Water use and Before and After Using a Smart Water Controller

Modern controllers can adjust based on a number of factors, including plant type, water needs, temperature, rainfall and other site-specific conditions. Advanced controllers can even notify you via phone if you have an irrigation leak or valve stuck open. 

Smart controllers automatically adjust watering times and frequencies throughout the year with minimal human intervention. This technology has proven to help cut annual outdoor water use by 30% or more, reducing watering bills and helping to conserve our precious water supply. 

You can purchase a smart controller from your local irrigation supply or home improvement store. If you do, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $250 from the City of Chandler

Other Ways to Water Wisely 

If a smart controller is not right for you, you can text WHENTOWATER to 33-222 for free monthly watering schedule reminders. Some additional water-saving resources include:

Programs and Guidebooks

The City of Chandler Water Conservation Office provides free literature about ways to conserve water in your home and in your landscape to Chandler utility customers. View a digital copy of our Landscape Watering by the Numbers guide to help you save water at your home or business. 

Water Workshops

Chandler offers more than 20 free Water-Wise Workshops over the course of the year in both spring and fall. The workshops cover topics ranging from landscape care and design, vegetable gardening, outdoor watering, smart controllers, irrigation design, controller programming and Water 101. You can register for workshops online to reserve your spot. 

Request a Water Audit
City of Chandler water technician conducting a water audit

If you feel like you’re doing everything right and are still using more water than you should, Chandler offers free Water Audits to assist in troubleshooting water issues. A technician will visit your home or business to check for hidden problems with water use.

Request a water audit.  

Apply for a Water Use Rebate
Xeriscape Yard

Chandler offers two low-water-use landscape rebates: one for converting grass to low-water-use landscape (up to $3,000/$200 per 1,000 square feet removed), and one for installing a low- water-use landscape when a new home is built ($200).

Learn more about water rebates.

*Source: Water Use It Wisely