Ways to Conserve Water

The City of Chandler Water Conservation Office provides free literature about ways to conserve water in your home and in your landscape to Chandler utility customers. 


Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery of any hard copy brochures requested.

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Landscape Watering Guidelines Irrigation Card
This plastic card gives you a schedule for watering your landscape plants, including turf. By following these guidelines you can reduce your landscape watering from 30 - 50 percent and still have a lush, attractive yard.
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Landscape Watering by the Numbers
A guide for watering in the Arizona desert, this easy-to-follow brochure will provide information on how to water efficiently, maintain healthy plants, and save water throughout the year. (20 pages)
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Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert
A step-by-step guide for planting, installing and caring for your landscape. Excellent photos of landscape ideas, colorful plant combinations, design ideas and examples of Xeriscape. (70 pages)
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Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert
A guide to help you select plants to create an attractive, water-efficient landscape. Details on more than 200 plants are arranged in easy-to-reference charts, and each plant is beautifully illustrated with a color photograph.
(47 pages)
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Desert Lawn Care
Follow the easy, practical advice offered in this guide to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful, and water-efficient lawn. (6 pages)
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Ten Good Reasons to Take Out Your Grass
Would you prefer lower water bills and spend less time mowing your lawn? This brochure has step-by-step instructions for removing grass and tips for success. (2 pages)
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Water Wise Landscaping in the Arizona Desert CD - Now Online
This online tool allows you to view photos of over 600 low-water-use plants as well as examples of actual landscapes. You can build a database of plants and their specifications that you can save for future reference.

Dozens of categories cover landscape design, plant selection, hardscape choices, irrigation, and landscape maintenance in a visually compelling and interactive format. This should help you create a beautiful landscape that can be more fragrant and colorful, and might also attract butterflies or hummingbirds.
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Guidelines for Landscape Drip Irrigation Systems
This manual covers critical aspects of design, construction, and maintenance to establish the high level of quality a consumer has the right to expect. These guidelines may be used by homeowners, contractors, developers, municipalities, professional organizations, and government agencies as criteria for protecting the public interest and as a technical reference. (62 pages)
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City of Chandler Water Conservation Program Brochure
The water conservation office offers programs and services to water customers including water saving tips, rebates on water-wise landscapes and irrigation timers, landscape consultation, free classes and educational programs, resources for teachers, free home water audits. Learn more in this informational brochure. (2 pages)
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Leak Detection Brochure
If your water bill seems higher than normal, you may have a leak. Learn about easy and inexpensive ways to detect and repair home water leaks.
(2 pages)
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Facility Manager's Guide to Water Management
This resource encourages water conservation in the workplace by providing businesses and industrial water users with the basic tools for an in-house water conservation program. The handbook contains information regarding the critical steps of developing and implementing a water conservation plan and is designed to be applicable to nearly every type of non-residential user. Call the water conservation office to obtain a customized copy of the guide in a three ring binder or a copy on CD. (137 pages)
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Smart Home Water Guide
Find and Fix Leaks that are Draining Your Budget. A step-by-step manual for tracking down leaks inside and outside your home.
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