Taking Flight at Chandler Municipal Airport

Sept. 13, 2022
| by:
Matt Burdick, Communications & Public Affairs Director
Directly from the Source: Season 1, Episode 3

The Chandler Municipal Airport is among the nation’s busiest general aviation airports in the country. Listen in as host Matt Burdick and Airport Manager Ryan Reeves discuss what’s involved with managing the airport, its role in the nation’s aviation system and future development plans.


  • Ryan describes Chandler’s role as a reliever airport for general aviation uses.  
  • Business aviation is a key part of the operations at the Chandler Municipal Airport, enabling Chandler companies to conveniently fly to destinations around the country.
  • Ryan discusses why the airport is not equipped for passenger service and addresses the issues surrounding a runway extension if one was considered in the future.
  • We wrap up by discussing the airport’s economic impact and ways the community can visit the Chandler Municipal Airport.

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