Special Event Licenses

In Chandler, there are two types of events: Special Event and Temporary Sales and Promotional Event (TSPE). A special event is any event that is taking place on City property and a TSPE is a special event or combination of special events using private property to display and sell merchandise customarily sold in a store on the premise or activities promoting a special event, product, merchandise or other promotion including, but not limited to grand openings, change of business ownership, business anniversaries and other events on private, nonresidential property.

A special event is defined and regulated by the Chandler Municipal Code (see Chapter 32).

For all special events with the desire to sell or serve alcohol, a permit is required by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses & Control.

There are three options for obtaining a liquor license to sell or serve alcohol at a special event:

  1. Obtain a special event liquor license for an event where liquor will be sold or furnished by a nonprofit organization. A Special Event Liquor License allows a charitable, civic, fraternal, political or religious organization to sell and serve spirituous liquor for consumption only on the premises where the spirituous liquor is sold, and only for the period authorized on the license.
  2. Obtain a Wine Fair/Festival license for a domestic farm winery to serve samples of its products, sell such products for consumption on the premises and sell their products in original containers for consumption off the premises.
  3. Request a temporary extension of premises for an existing establishment (within the event footprint) that is already licensed to sell alcohol. This serving area needs to be contiguous in order to temporarily expand or enlarge the area which is covered by a current liquor license.
  4. Obtain a Craft Distillery Fair/Festival licensed craft distillery to serve products produced at the craft distillery at a festival, sanctioned county or state fair or within the premises of a licensed special event. Liquor produced under the provisions of the craft distillery may be served for consumption on the fair/festival premises or "to-go" in the original, sealed container.

Provide the completed State Special Event License application, State Fair/Festival License application, State Extension of Premises (temporary/permanent) application, and the completed City application for Special Event, Wine Fair/Festival, Craft Distillery Fair/Festival, or the temporary extension of premises to the City of Chandler, Tax and License Division, a minimum of 21 days prior to the council meeting date and include a nonrefundable application fee of $25 per day of event.

In all of the liquor license options listed above, various City departments will review the application. Upon approval from the various departments, the City Council will review the event and make a recommendation of approval or denial. Upon approval by the City Council, the application must be taken to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control for their approval and a State approval returned to the City prior to the event date, so the City can issue the liquor license.

Timeline for Internal Processing:

For more information on the time frames of an application submitted to the City for obtaining a license (permit), visit: License Processing Timelines.