Aqua Fit

An amazing low-impact, head-to-toe workout for beginners or seasoned exercisers, Aqua Fit classes are a great way to stay fit and stay cool. All classes are 50 minutes and are open to participants 16 years or older. Aqua Fit is offered March through November and participating facilities. Drop-in registration is accepted on site for this activity.


 tAQUAta Shallow

An intense workout designed to keep you moving, tAQUAta (Aqua + Tabata = tAQUAta) Shallow uses High-Intensity Interval Training. Alternating short, very high-intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover improves the muscles' ability to burn fat quicker. This class uses the natural resistance of water to provide power moves without impacting joints.

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Aqua Fit Deep

Improve your cardiovascular endurance and build muscle strength using deep water jogging and exercises. Suspended in 6-12 feet of water, this class will keep you moving to fun, upbeat music while using various resistance equipment to tone and strengthen; your upper body, lower body and core. Participants must be able to swim and be comfortable in deep water.

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Class Fee:
Resident fee: $35
Non-resident fee: $48

Drop-In Fee:
Resident fee: $5
Non-resident fee: $7
Drop-in participation is limited due to class size. Drop-in may not be accommodated if class registration is full.