School & Group Field Trips Grades 3 - 5

Environmental Education Exploration for Grades 3-5

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The Recycled Rock Cycle

This program will teach students how rocks are formed and how they change over time. They will learn the rock cycle and be able to identify various different rocks and minerals found in the Sonoran Desert by performing scratch tests and other experiments on various specimens. 

Water Cycle

Students will learn about renewable and non-renewable resources and be able to discuss and reason about the environmental impacts of these resources. They will perform a water-filtration activity that will define the concepts and properties of water.

Aquatic Ecosystem

Dive into an aquatic adventure and explore marine ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, and everything in between. Get hands-on with water testing experiments and discover the interconnectedness between water quality and aquatic life.


Future meteorologists will cast their own weather predictions using weather measuring instruments, perform hands-on weather experiments and understand the difference between weather and climate.


Enjoy mind-blowing hands-on STEM concepts and explore the world of engineering. Gear up to identify a problem, imagine solutions, construct designs, and celebrate successes. Tinkers will discover civil, mechanical, medical, and environmental engineering.

Matter and Energy

Spend the day exploring how energy is produced and learn about physical and chemical reactions. Students will explore energy and matter conversions, electrochemical reactions, and investigate the properties of elements and molecules through hands-on activities.  

Plants, Pollen, and Pollinizers

Budding botanists will learn the basic structure and functions of plants, what a pollinator and pollinizer are and how important they are to our daily lives, and the stages of the plant cycle.