School & Group Field Trips

Discover learning through adventure with Chandler’s Exploration Field Trips. Designed to inspire kids (and adults) to let their imagination and curiosity lead them on daily exploration, the field trips offer grade-specific, hands-on learning activities focused on sustainability, the Sonoran Desert, and the natural world around us.

Learning Through Adventure

Outdoor learning isn’t a subject or topic; it’s a way of teaching. Each month, Instructors transform the Chandler Nature Center into a laboratory, workshop, and field research center, all in the spirit of playful learning. The curriculum is designed to complement educators’ lesson plans while providing an interactive learning environment that’s adaptable to all learning styles.

Educators can use the monthly field trips to jump-start their students' critical thinking or dip into the program’s ever-growing collection of topics for content that relates to specific themes and student interests. Students connect and further their education using inquiry-based activities, investigations, and experiments on-site through applications found inside the recreation center and throughout Veterans Oasis Park.

With multi-disciplinary content that purposefully aligns to academic standards set to meet the Next Generation Science Standards; the Exploration Field Trips have earned a place in the K-8 curriculum, in classrooms, and at home.

Start your students’ adventure.


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Program times range from one hour to two hours in length depending on the size of the group.

Number of Students Time Requirement Cost
1-30 1 hour

Resident:  $65

Non-resident:  $88

31-60 1 1/2 hours

Resident:  $169

Non-resident:  $229

61-90 2 hours

Resident:  $283

Non-resident:  $383