School & Group Field Trips Grades K - 2

Seek and Explore

Looking for a memorable, educational experience for your K-2 students? Look no further than the Chandler Nature Center. Our Exploration Field Trips inspire kids (and adults alike) to let their imagination and curiosity lead them on a daily exploration of the world around them and the classroom of life. Select from our many topics begin and let the adventure begin. Connect with Program Coordinator to learn more.

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Characteristics of the Sonoran Desert

Make it a desert discovery day and learn the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert. Explorers will identify plants and animals to determine how they connect with one another and understand their adaptations.


Earth Day Everyday

It’s easy being green! In pursuit of all things green, enjoy a fun-filled day of learning to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. The class focuses on recycling and protecting Earth’s natural resources.


Solar System

This shining program is designed to introduce stargazers to astronomy and familiarize them with the sun, planets, and star clusters. Travelers will also discover the impact constellations have on technology and space travel.


Growing with Gardens 

Budding botanists will discover new sights, sounds, and textures as they learn the interconnectedness we share with plants.

Dig in and explore your garden senses with hands-on experiments and demonstrations that cover the art, science, and nourishment that gardens provide us.

Tracks and Scats

Even though wildlife lives around us, we don’t often see animals.  Students will put their investigative skills to work as they measure and identify tracks, scat, and other evidence of wildlife to uncover the animals behind the mystery.



No pests here. Be an entomologist for a day by studying how insects are a benefit to the environment and to humans. Students will learn about the life cycle of insects, the physiology of their head, thorax, and abdomen, and how insects play a role in pollination, cultures, and biological research.


Sound and Light

Explore the properties of Sound and Light through hands-on activities and experiments. Concepts of reflection, refraction, type of waves, sound vibration, and more will be experienced practically by the students in this program.