Veterans Oasis Park

Veterans Oasis Park

With 113 acres, a beautiful community fishing lake, scenic hiking and horseback riding trails, tranquil pavilions, and an outdoor amphitheater, Veterans Oasis Park hosts plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities.

Nestled in southeast Chandler, 78 acres of the park are designed for groundwater recharge and wetlands, making it the perfect home to an abundance of unique Sonoran Desert flora and wildlife. Park-goers can enjoy seasonal events, and monthly bird walks throughout the park or visit the Chandler Nature Center to view nature displays.

As a community park, Veterans Oasis offers a peaceful escape from the daily grind. 

Open for public use from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Community Fishing

Drop your line into this quiet 5-acre lake; it packs a big bite when it comes to fishing for feisty catfish. You'll enjoy a high-quality angling experience and expect to catch rainbow trout, bluegill, channel catfish,  and/or largemouth bass.

The lake is stocked with fish every two weeks from mid-September through the last week of May and offers fishing from the bank. Personal watercrafts, such as canoes and kayaks, are not permitted on the lake. There are no catch-and-release requirements but there are limitations. You can check pages 8 and 22 of the daily bag and possession limit packet or the signs on the south side of the lake.

A General Fishing License or Combination Hunt/Fish License is required but not sold here, make sure everyone who'll be fishing has one prior to arrival. Arizona state fishing regulations apply. 


The park is a popular spot to exercise outdoors with 4.5-mile of groomed dirt trails or dirt paths. With a .4-mile paved path that goes immediately around the lake. The hiking and biking trails afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wetland area on their own. Horseback riding is allowed here on designated Equestrian Trails. Riders must ride in from the outside, as there is no horse trailer parking or loading and unloading of horses allowed within the park itself. 

Orienteering Course

Solar System Walk

Journey to the moon and back when you explore the park’s self-guided Solar System Walk. Utilizing a 2,500-footling path, navigate your way around the lake along a series of monuments and signs representing the sun, planets and primary celestial objects - all placed at distances relative to the scale of the solar system. Each foot on the walk represents 1.5 million miles which means that the distance from the sun to Earth is 62 feet along the walk — equivalent to the actual 93 million miles between the two in space.