Birthday Party Packages

You choose the party and we do the rest! The City of Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center and Environmental Education Center offers several birthday party packages for the child in your life. We have many options to choose from for your child’s party. Our parties are geared for children ages 3 and up.


COVID-19 Update  

Reservations for parties and group rentals have been temporarily suspended. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and evaluate the availability of future reservations as needed, in order to help prevent the virus spread in our community. 


Party Packages are designed for 10 children with 45 minutes of activity time and 45 minutes of celebration. Parties are held in one of our classrooms. Parent supervision is required for all parties. If you would like to have more than 10 children attend there will be a charge of $10 for each additional child with a maximum of 20 children. The payments for additional children can be made the day of the party in case of guest cancelation.

Birthday Party Policies
  1. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance, pending on availability.
  2. Payments for Party Packages and additional Party Options must be paid in full at time of reservation. Cash, Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.
  3. Cancellations will be accepted up to 7 days prior to party date in order to receive a full refund. Less than 7 days, 50% of Party Package will be refunded. No refunds for pre-ordered cake or pizza less than 7 days before the party.
  4. All children attending the birthday party with the City of Chandler must have a completed liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian to participate. 

Tumbleweed Recreation Center Parties 

The Tumbleweed Recreation Center offer's craft parties, sports parties, theme parties, group challenge parties, and a bounce house options (see below for more details). Packages include paper products (plates, cups, and napkins), decorations (specific color schemes can be chosen), craft supplies, and a party host to organize activities.

To reserve your party please contact our Party Planner at 480-782-2909.


Crafty Creations

Crafty Creations is a party all about crafts! You choose the theme of the crafts your child would like to do and we will make it happen. Whether its cats, dogs, dinosaurs, or jewelry we have crafts that are age appropriate and fun!
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents

Bake With Me!

Come bake with us for your birthday! Children are able to bake with their friends and celebrate at the same time! Children will be making their own pizzas and cupcakes. They will first make their pizzas by spreading the sauce, adding cheese, and pepperonis if they so choose to a premade pizza crust. While the pizzas are baking, party goers will be making their own cupcakes from scratch. Once pizzas are done baking the cupcakes will go in the oven and the children will enjoy their handmade pizzas while the cupcakes are baking. When the cupcakes are done and cooled they will frost and decorate their cupcakes.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents

Mad Science

Let’s get crazy with science! This party is designed to stimulate the brain and have fun doing it! Science projects are simple and fun. Partygoers will have the opportunity to do experiments that will make their birthday party memorable.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents


Game on! Sports Fun

Pick a sport or a game and we will keep the kids active and having fun! We have a multitude of sports and games to choose from. Having trouble choosing a sport? No problem, pick more than one! Sports to choose from include: basketball, dodge ball, tumbling, kickball, soccer, whiffle ball, hockey (for ages 8 and up), volleyball (for ages 8 and up), and tennis which is held at the Tennis Center and is for ages 4 and up. We also have a “Mix it Up” option which includes tag games, parachute, an obstacle course, relay races, group games, and fitness fun.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $130 for Chandler Residents and $176 for Non-Residents

*The Sports parties are held on one half of the West basketball court. Partitions are put up to keep the general public from entering our playing area, making the area semi-private. The celebration portion of the party will be held in one of the classrooms.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $130 for Chandler Residents and $176 for Non-Residents

Princess Party

This party has been revamped and updated to offer a more authentic experience for your little princess’ birthday party. Come dressed as your favorite princess for an enchanted day of fun. This party includes princess crafts, games, and a new feature, a photo area, to take pictures of your princess. You can choose the color scheme and the party can be themed around any princess. We also offer a “special guest,” you can choose to have Belle, Cinderella, Elsa, or Jasmine make a special appearance.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents

Super Hero Party

Superheroes are here to stay! Come dressed as your favorite Super Hero for an action-packed birthday party! This party includes Super Hero crafts, games, and a photo area for you to take pictures of your little Super Hero! You can choose the color scheme and the party can be themed around your child’s favorite Super Hero. We also offer a “special guest,” you can choose to have Ironman or Spiderman make a special appearance.
Ages: 3 and up | Price: $155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents

Outdoor Bounce House*

Bounce into fun at Playtopia! The party includes our bounce house, Road Runner Pavilion rental and your choice of activity. Partygoers get to bounce around for 30 minutes in our bounce house. This leaves 15 minutes for an activity of your choice. You may choose any of the activities from the other parties except for Bake with me, basketball, and tennis. You are also able to choose the color scheme or theme of this outdoor party.

  • Bounce House plus additional activity: Ages: 3 to 10 |$155 for Chandler Residents and $210 for Non-Residents
  • Bounce House only: Ages: 3 to 10 |Price: $130 for Chandler Residents and $176 for Non-Residents

*Only available October – April. Party includes our bounce house and Road Runner Pavilion rental. Partygoers get to bounce around for 45 minutes in our bounce house


Additional Party Options
  • Pizza: For an additional fee of $25 you can add two 16” pizzas, with your choice of cheese or pepperoni, and lemonade. If you need more than two pizzas additional pizzas are $10, again you can choose between cheese and pepperoni.
  • Cake or Cupcakes: For an additional fee you can add either a:
    • 5” round cake with 10 cupcakes for $25 (serves 20)
    • ½ sheet cake for $32 (serves 50)
    • 30 cupcakes for $25
    • From there you are able to choose cake flavors, cupcake flavors, frosting type, frosting flavors, and cake design/decoration (balloons, flowers, sports, any special request must be approved by recreation supervisor)


Environmental Education Center Parties

The Environmental Education Center (EEC) offers premium nature-themed birthday parties for your nature-loving child. All parties include a one-hour long staff-led activity and/or craft, with an additional hour of party time for families to celebrate on their own! 

  • Party Price:  $100 for Chandler Residents and $135 for Non-Residents

To reserve your party please contact our Party Planner at 480-782-2891.


Dino-Mite Party (ages 5-8)

Are dinosaurs and all things prehistoric are fascinating to your’ child?  Learn how paleontologists identify different species by examining the bones and teeth with your little explorer!  While making fascinating discoveries, children make their own dinosaur egg to take home, and when ready, help it hatch.


Enchanted Garden (ages 4-8)

Is your little one a daydreamer that loves to play in the dirt and enjoys the fun and enchantment of a garden and plants? If you answered yes, this is the party for them.  Each party will incorporate an interactive learning atmosphere on seeds and plants while having them plant their own seed and then decorate and personalize their very own flower pot. 


Nature Treasure Hunt (ages 4-8)

Arrrggghhh, this treasure hunt isn’t like any your little one has been on before!  Explore and hunt for natures treasures.  Each child gets to be part of this fun and educational walk.  Once all the treasures have been found, we decorate their very own treasure box.  Each child will be encouraged to find one thing in the park they want to keep in their treasure box as a keepsake.


You “Rock” (ages 5-8)

Making rocks and minerals interesting to younger kids is what this party is all about.  We teach kids about the different types of rocks and minerals and the cycles they go through.  The kids get to perform their own delicious experiment to really understand some of the concepts we teach.  Each child will decorate their own pet rock to take home.


Glamping Camping Party* (ages 5-9)

Want to introduce your future outdoorsman to camping in a fun atmosphere?  This party will incorporate some important camping skills with some fun activities.  Children will set up a tent and then discuss the importance of where they put the tent and what measures can be taken to prevent water issues and animal visits.  Each child will decorate their own “glamping” picture frame to remember this fun day.
*This party is only offered October-May.