Event & Festival Performer Information

The City of Chandler is always looking for local performers to entertain our guests at Special Events. If you are a band, musician, dancer, or any one that can entertain a crowd the we would like to hear from you.

Be a Performer

Special Events produced by the City of Chandler is limited and space for entertainment at our festivals or activities fill up quickly. All materials submitted are kept on file for future reference. In addition, materials may be passed on to organization interested in entertainment for their event.

Procedure to Submit Materials

1. Either email or mail your materials to the below addresses:
Email Address: Hermelinda.Llamas@chandleraz.gov
Mailing Address: C/O Hermelinda Llamas, City of Chandler, Mail Stop 500, PO Box 4008, Chandler, Arizona 85244-4008

2. Materials should include:

  • Name of the Performer/Entertainment
  • A brief bio/history on the Performer/Entertainer
  • A list of songs you're able to perform
  • A sample CD of music or a website with sample music
  • A sample video or website with video of your performance
  • Your rates/costs to perform
  • A list of references from past performances/events

If you have any further questions, call Special Event Coordinator for the City of Chandler at 480-782-2665.