Host a Special Event: Application Process

Chandler is a place that celebrates in many unique ways, in large part because of the diversity of community groups that organize the events. Our Chandler departments have worked hard to streamline the event permitting process while continuing to provide vital services that help make your event safe and successful. If your organization wants to host a festival or special event in the City of Chandler the information on this page can help.

Special Events Handbook

To assist you in planning festivals and events in our city, Chandler has compiled a helpful handbook for hosting festivals and events. Inside you will find information on Chandler event venues, directions on how to file applications for event permits and licenses. All of the answers to your questions are in the handbook about security, emergency medical services, clean-up, insurance requirements, and more. Inside the handbook, you will also find a helpful list of contact names and numbers and a list of city services and resources that can help you plan your event.

In addition to the handbook, the Special Events Application and many additional forms you may need to know about for the application process are listed below so you can host a Special Event in Chandler. The City of Chandler encourages the production of community events and will assist applicants in ensuring that these events are clean, safe and beneficial to our citizens. It is our hope that your event will enhance our city and bring credit to your organizations.

Please Note: Only events taking place on City property need to apply through this process. Events or activities taking place on PRIVATE PROPERTY (shopping centers, businesses, nonresidential) will need to complete the TSPE (Temporary Sales and Promotional Event) application and process. Please visit the TSPE Permit.

Special Event Application Information

*Please make sure to use the most up to date items listed below when you submit items for your event
**Please Note: Fees listed in the handbook below are currently in effect

Additional Applicant Resources

For more information, contact Chandler's Special Event Coordinator at 480-782-2665.