Be a responsible pet owner


Pets can be a rewarding addition to any family, but they come with responsibilities. Abiding by leash laws and cleaning up animal waste are important, as well as making sure that pets don’t disturb the peace by barking or howling at inappropriate times. Enforcement of most laws and ordinances involving pets is the responsibility of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. They can be reached at 602-506-PETS (7387). The following is a 
summary of some animal laws and ordinances:

  • All dogs over three months must wear a collar displaying a current license. 
  • Maricopa County’s leash law prohibits you from allowing your dog to run at large outside your property at any time. When you take your dog outside of its confined area, it must be restrained on a leash that is no longer than six feet in length. 
  • The law requires that animals be provided with the basic needs of life, including food and water. All animals must receive food on a daily basis; and the food must be free from contamination and offered in a quality and quantity sufficient to maintain its good health.
  • Barking dogs can present a problem. Find suggestions on steps to take, or call the Barking Dog Hotline at 480-782- BARK (2275). 
  • Animals must have access to clean, drinkable water in a container that can’t be tipped over or spilled. 
  • Maricopa County law requires that pet owners provide their animal with proper medical care. This means that if your pet is injured, sick or infested with parasites, you are responsible for getting adequate veterinary attention.   
  • There are no leash or license laws for cats, this means the city doesn’t have as many options to control them as they do other animals. There are animal welfare groups that sponsor programs to help control the population of feral cats. 

For more information, visit, or call 602-506-PETS (7387).

Utility rate changes expected Jan. 1

The Chandler City Council has adopted the FY 2023-24 budget which anticipates rate increases for Water, Wastewater, Reclaimed Water and Solid Waste rates which would be implemented Jan. 1, 2024. All rate increases will align with the implementation of the cost of service recommendations as reflected in the 2021 Cost of Service Study. Detailed rate change information will soon be 
posted on the City’s website, where you will find information about what final rate changes will be, as well as what drivers are causing the need for the increases. The website will be updated throughout the process to share the most up-to-date information possible.   

Monsoon safety tips and reminders


June 15 through Sept. 30 is the official Arizona monsoon — a time when we can expect high temperatures, dust storms and heavy moisture. The following tips are provided to help keep you safe:

  • During a heat advisory, drink plenty of fluids and avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol. Stay indoors and avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day. You should NEVER leave children or pets alone in enclosed vehicles.  
  • Thunderstorms and heavy winds can damage property and power lines. Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage. 
  • Learn more tips to reduce monsoon damage to your trees.
  • In case of power outages, contact your utility company (SRP 602-236-8811 or APS 1-855-OUTAGES).
  • For those caught outdoors during a storm, find shelter, or go to a low-lying, open place away from trees, poles or metal objects. 
  • Get out of swimming pools, boats and away from all water. 
  • If, while you are driving, you approach a storm of any kind, reduce speed and turn on your headlights. 
  • In a thunderstorm, pull safely onto the shoulder, stay in the car and turn on the emergency flashers.  
  • In a dust storm, if you cannot see more than 300 feet, it is time to get off the road. If traveling on a freeway, exit at an exit ramp find a safe place to stop. If no exit ramp is near, pull completely off the roadway. Turn off driving lights and all vehicle lights, including emergency flashers. Set your emergency brake and keep your foot off the brake pedal. Stay in the vehicle with your seatbelts buckled and wait for the storm to pass. 
  • Always obey traffic warning signs and avoid flooded roadways.

Household hazardous waste — what you need to know


Hazardous products are in our kitchen, bathrooms, closets, garages, and sheds.  

What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)? Some of the more common HHW products found in homes are: 

Cleaning aids: 
• furniture polishes and stains 
• drain & toilet bowl cleaners 
• bleach 
• oven cleaners 

Household maintenance:
• paints 
• lacquers and paint thinners 
• rechargeable batteries

Auto maintenance products: 
• antifreeze 
• motor oil 
• gasoline 
• windshield wiper solution 

Outdoor products: 
• pesticides 
• herbicides 
• pool chemicals 

How can I reduce household hazardous waste around my home?

The best way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it in the first place. Purchase the amount needed and use the product up entirely. Consider natural alternatives if available for your needs. This reduces risk and can often be a less expensive option. 

What if I have leftover product?

Appropriate disposal or reuse is recommended such as: 

• Share leftovers with others  
• Products such as motor oil, rechargeable batteries and CFL bulbs are accepted by some local retailers
• Schedule an appointment at Chandler’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center

Why do I have to schedule an appointment?

Scheduled appointments are required to ensure safety of the public and staff who must handle HHW. 

It will only take you about five minutes to drop off items and we will have you on your way. Our specially trained staff will handle and sort HHW for recycling and safe disposal. 

To schedule an appointment to drop off household hazardous waste or to ask questions, call 480-782-3510. 

Materials generated from a business are not accepted. 

1-31     Drowning Impact Awareness Month, Aquatic Centers & Pools
1     Resident Break Time Registration opens, 480-782-2727
2     Non-Resident Break Time Registration opens, 480-782-2727
5     RAD Bowl-a-thon, Chandler AMF Lanes, 480-782-2709
5     Make and Take, Chandler Center for the Arts, 480-782-2695
6     RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2680
12     An Evening with George Benson, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2680
14, 17     City Council meetings, Council Chambers, 480-782-2181
15     Adult Sports Priority 1 registration opens, 480-782-2704
16     Adult Sports Priority 2 registration opens, 480-782-2704
17     Adult Sports Priority 3 registration opens, 480-782-2704
19     Opening Reception for Creations from Within, Chandler Center for the Arts, 480-782-2695
20     The Australian Pink Floyd Show: The Darkside 50 Tour, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2680
25     Opening Reception for Unbound, Vision Gallery, 480-782-2695 

Call 480-782-2735 for more information.

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