Zoning Code and Amendments

The Zoning Code is a tool used by the City to implement the Chandler General Plan. The Planning Division prepares zoning code amendments to address changing needs of the community.

Chandler Zoning Code
This link will take you to Municode.com to view Chandler's Zoning Code, which is Chapter 35 of the City of Chandler Municipal Code.

Interactive Planning Map
The interactive panning map provides a variety of information including property zoning, rezoning requests and proposed preliminary development plans, and group home locations. While efforts have been made to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, the City of Chandler makes no warranties, written or implied, regarding the information presented on this map. Users are responsible for assessing the accuracy of the information contained in the zoning map and should always contact a City Planner at 480-782-3050 to verify information.

Unified Development Manual
The Zoning Code can also be accessed by clicking on the Unified Development Manual (UDM) link above. The UDM, which contains more than three hundred pages, is a compilation of legislated municipal regulations, administrative procedures, technical standards and construction specifications. Electronic access enables quick reference to this information and allows users to print out applicable provisions, forms, and standard details.

Zoning Code Amendments
Listed below are adopted and proposed amendments to the Chandler Zoning Code (since January 2000), any of which can be accessed through the Chandler City Code or the Unified Development Manual.

Zoning Code Amendment Subject Ordinance Staff Memo Date Approved
Citizen Review Process 3139 Staff_Memo_00-116 05/11/2000
City Center District (CCD) 3163 Staff_Memo_PZ00-117 07/10/2000
Commercial Design Standards 3262 Staff Memo 01-129 Staff Memo_01-015 05/10/2001
Large Single Use Retail (aka Big Box) 3290 Staff_Memo_01-189 08/09/2001
MF-2 Zoning District 3320 Staff_Memo_01-305 12/10/2001
CCD Sign Code Amendment 3316 Staff_Memo_01-296 12/13/2001
Planned Area Development (PAD) 3411 Staff_Memo_02-182 11/07/2002
Group Homes 3421 Staff_Memo_03-003 Staff Memo 02-216 01/23/2003
Wireless Facilities 3415 Staff_Memo_03-019 04/10/2003
Expanded Notification Requirements 3640 Staff Memo 04-258 12/18/2004
Extension of Liquor Premises in CCD   Staff Memo 07-075 04/26/2007
Artwork in Commercial Developments 3997 Staff Memo 07-310 01/31/2008
Temporary Signage 4182 Staff Memo 09-121 10/19/2009
Temporary Signage 4218 Staff Memo 10-057 05/13/2010
Non-Commercial Signage 4209 Staff Memo 10-054 05/13/2010
Wireless Communication Facilities 4216 Staff Memo 10-052 05/13/2010
Extension of Premises to serve liquor in PAD 4206, 4207 Staff Memo 10-069 06/22/2010
Medical Marijuana 4278 Contact staff at 480-782-3000 for info 02/24/2011
Outdoor patio fencing (downtown area) 4280 Staff Memo 11-011 02/24/2011
Sign Code / Temporary Signage 4288 Staff Memo 11-056 06/23/2011
Solar Energy Systems 4302 Staff Memo 11-055 06/23/2011
Table of Permitted Uses 4311 Staff Memo 11-057 06/23/2011
Parking and Loading Regulations 4375 Staff Memo 12-077 08/13/2012
Sign Code / Tenant Panels on Monument Signs 4411 Staff Memo 12-156 12/13/2012

Group Homes, Adult Care Homes, Residential Care Homes

4513 Staff Memo 13-142 11/08/2013
ZCA14-0001 Zoning Code (misc. housekeeping) Amendments 4567 Staff Memo 14-097 10/20/2014
ZCA 150001 Adaptive Reuse Overlay District 4685 Staff Memo 15-167 01/28/2016
ZCA16-0002 Sign Code Amendment (Chapter 39 - Sign Code)
ZCA16-0002 Sign Code Amendment (Chapter 46 - Encroachments)
Staff Memo 17-063
Staff Memo 17-064
ZCA17-0001 Medical Marijuana Amendment   Notice of Public Hearings  
ZCA18-0001 Autonomous Vehicles   Staff Memo 18-024  

ZCA18-0002 Transition from Liquor Use

Permits to Entertainment Use Permits

4846 Staff Memo 18-112FA 12/10/2018
PLH19-0061 Development Services Code Amendments 4931 Staff Memo 20-032FA 08/13/2020
PLH20-0041 Historic Preservation Ordinance 4936 Staff Memo DS20-0043FA 11/02/2020