“After OVERLORD,” D-Day exhibition, on view at Chandler Museum

May 23, 2024
After Overlord exhibit at Chandler Museum

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Equipped with a M1 Carbine rifle and a Speed Graphic Camera, Private First Class (PFC) Leander Zwick Jr. stepped onto the shores of Normandy and encountered the Allies’ bloodiest day of WWII. Zwick and his 165th Signal Photographic Company were embedded with U.S. Army VII Corps and documented the front-line actions at the Battle of Cherbourg.

Currently on display at Chandler Museum, “After OVERLORD – The WWII Combat Photography of Leander P. Zwick Jr.” features a collection of Zwick’s aerial photographs of the war-torn Cotenin Peninsula after the D-Day (or Operation Overlord) invasion. Shot in striking detail, his images capture the tragedy and triumph of a conflict that changed the world.

The exhibit will commemorate the D-Day anniversary on June 6 and will be on view through July 14. This exhibition is a program of Museum Pros, LLC.

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Media Contact:
Jillian Nakornthap
Chandler Museum Exhibits Curator