Chandler City Council approves an agreement to hire a consultant to oversee the city’s Downtown Area Plan update

Jan. 26, 2024
Downtown Chandler signage at night

CHANDLER, Ariz. – The Chandler City Council has approved an agreement with Logan Simpson Design, Inc., to serve as a consultant to oversee the update of the city’s South Arizona Avenue Area Plan, commonly referred to as the Downtown Area Plan.

The agreement, approved during the City Council’s Jan. 24 meeting, will be funded through the city’s General Fund, in an amount not to exceed $294,953.

Chandler’s area plans exist to address unique characteristics and support unique land use planning and implementation strategies for each area. The area surrounding the downtown is currently covered by two area plans. The larger plan, the Chandler Redevelopment Element, was adopted in 1987 and readopted in 1995. The existing South Arizona Avenue Area Plan was adopted in 2006 and replaced a smaller geographic portion of the Chandler Redevelopment Element. 

This new Downtown Area Plan intends to provide a comprehensive update to both plans, including an update to the design guidelines covering the entire area, ensuring land use compatibility with redevelopment projects and the adjacent historic assets.  

Redevelopment in this area is occurring in smaller, single-parcel proposals with a greater emphasis on adaptive reuse. Other efforts in the area focus on the preservation and conservation of historic assets like the Silk Stocking and Southside Village neighborhoods.

The project scope will create an update process that is detailed and transparent with multiple opportunities for public feedback, while using a variety of outreach methods including digital outreach, character area/visioning workshops utilizing  augmented and virtual reality, and more.

The project is anticipated to be completed in 12 months following notice to proceed.


Media contact:
Stephanie Romero
Public Information Officer, City of Chandler