City of Chandler launches its first urban forest tree inventory project

Jan. 24, 2024
Family at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler Arizona

CHANDLER, Ariz. The City of Chandler’s Parks Operation Division launched the first tree inventory project, an in-depth data collection process to quantify and evaluate the diversity of Chandler’s community forest.

The city began the request for proposal process in July 2023 and has contracted with ArborPro USA to complete the inventory project, which begins in Jan. 2024.

Throughout the project, data collectors will spend time with each tree located within more than 1,500 acres of Chandler’s public parks and facilities. They will collect data to identify and quantify the tree species, measure the size, height, and evaluate the overall physical health of each tree.

A tree inventory is a crucial component to Chandler’s urban forest management plan, creating an accurate profile of the species and health of the urban forest. The data monitors the balance of tree diversity within the community, identifies planting needs, recognizes hazard and maintenance needs, and establishes plans for long-term care. 

“Many residents would be surprised that Chandler has an Urban Forestry Program since we live in a desert climate,” says Ryan McCartney, City of Chandler Urban Forester. “However, focusing on the health and diversity of trees within our community is a vital component of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods, especially in the desert. The benefits of a thriving urban forest are abundant, from filtering urban pollutants to improving water quality. The tree inventory program will provide tools and data to maintain a sustainable urban forest.”

The project is partially funded by the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM), who awarded Chandler a $40,000 Community Challenge Grant to help support the inventory and urban forest management plan. The grant focuses on supporting and improving urban and community forestry programs.

Updates on the inventory process can be found at Urban Forestry.

Media Contact:
Malori Heppler

Marketing and Communications Program Coordinator