Recap of Chandler City Council Meetings on Aug. 15 and 18, 2022

Aug. 24, 2022
Exterior shot of Council Chambers

CHANDLER, Ariz. – The Chandler City Council met at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18, taking action on a total of 58 agenda items. Meeting highlights included:

  • Approved a ground lease at the Chandler Municipal Airport with Chandler Air Service, Inc. The proposed redevelopment will be constructed on a 1.6-acre site in phases and is ultimately projected to include a single hangar with approximately 14,400 square-feet of space with an adjoining 3,000 square-feet of office space. Chandler Air Service plans to complete the project within a two-year period.
  • Approved a resolution to add Juneteenth as a paid City holiday to celebrate the end of slavery in the United States. Essential City operations will continue to be provided during this holiday, and Chandler’s public libraries, parks, recreation and aquatic centers will continue remain open for to serve Chandler residents during the Juneteenth holiday.
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing the City Manager to sign and submit an application to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) for Modification of Designation of Assured Water Supply. Cities are required to demonstrate they have a 100-year assured water supply (renewable water resources) for any proposed new development. The ADWR designated the City of Chandler as having an Assured Water Supply (Designation) in 1997 and approved a modification of Chandler's Designation in 2010. Since then, Chandler has secured additional renewable water supplies and is requesting a modification in advance of the 2025 calendar year deadline, as the City has secured the water supplies needed to meet build-out demands. This also allows the ADWR sufficient time to review the application.
  • Awarded a Construction Manager at Risk Contract Change Order 1, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) #2 to CORE Construction, Inc., for the Fire Station No. 282 reconstruction, in an amount not to exceed $4,311,031. This item also authorized an appropriation transfer of $484,000 from the General Fund, Non-Departmental, Contingency Account, to the General Government Capital Projects Fund, Fire Capital, Rebuild Fire Station #282 account; and awarded the municipal arts project to Nicolas Rascona in an amount not to exceed $62,330. This project is for Fire Station No. 282 reconstruction and consists of construction of the new fire station building and demolition of the existing fire station building — and this Change Order 1 is for GMP #2 for the remaining work items, including demolition of the existing structure, parking and driveway removal, traffic signal modifications, temporary driveway and traffic control, and modifications to the drainage basin located south of the current station.
  • Approved the appropriation for fire and emergency medical dispatch services for FY 2022-23, in accordance with the current intergovernmental agreement with the City of Phoenix, in the amount of $1,353,282.   
  • Authorized a development agreement between the City of Chandler and Cachet Homes for improvements to Chandler Heights Road; and approved a preliminary development plan for McKinley Glenn, a single-family residential housing product with 22 lots, located at near Chandler Heights and Cooper roads, subject to the conditions as recommended by Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Approved a preliminary development plan for multi-use sports fields with future field lights on approximately 4.11 acres at Crossroads Nazarene Church, located at the northeast corner of Ray and Price roads, subject to the conditions as recommended by Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Authorized a five-year, nonexclusive license agreement with Wyyerd Fiber to install, operate, maintain an underground fiber communications system within certain public rights-of-way with Chandler or on other City-owned property to provide (Class 4 and Class 5) telecommunications services. These projects will result in approximately 211,200 total linear feet, or about 40 miles, of fiber within the City of Chandler right-of-way within the first 1-2 years, followed by a series of fiber to the home projects branching off into neighborhoods throughout the City within the term of this agreement.
  • Approved an agreement with ASR Construction Group, LLC; Crawford Mechanical Services, LLC; FPS Civil, LLC; DMS Companies, Inc., dba Hernandez Companies; Kowalski Construction, Inc.; MGC Contractors, Inc.; and Nickle Contracting, LLC, for general building maintenance services, in an amount not to exceed $3,595,000, for a period of one year through Aug. 31, 2023. This enterprise agreement will provide services of experienced and qualified licensed general commercial contractors with proven expertise to meet the maintenance and repair needs of the City.
  • Approved the purchase of vehicles and dealer upfitting, in an amount not to exceed $3,475,000. This item also authorized the transfer of $285,957 from General Fund Contingency to the Vehicle Replacement Fund and General Fund to cover anticipated market price fluctuations for these purchases. A total of 62 vehicles are included in this request.
  • Approved an agreement with Pioneer Landscape Centers, Inc., for rock, granite and miscellaneous supplies, in an amount not to exceed $915,000, for a one-year period, through Aug. 31, 2023. These materials are used throughout the City's park system to refresh rock areas, top dress fields, level ball fields, and fill in playground areas with engineered wood fiber. The Public Works and Utilities Department also uses rock for basins, erosion repair, and regrading.
  • Approved an agreement with FX Tactical, LLC, and Skaggs Companies, Inc., for police uniforms, in an amount not to exceed $274,000, for the period of Sept. 1, through Aug. 31, 2023. This agreement provides for the Police Department's annual needs for uniforms for all patrol officers (including reserves), motor officers, park rangers, cadets, motorist assist volunteers, detention officers and civilians.
  • Approved the purchase of firearms, from Proforce Law Enforcement, in the amount of $90,000. Firearms are standard safety equipment issued for police officers and detention officers and this purchase provides for the Police Department's annual firearm product needs.
  • Approved the purchase of ammunition, from Dooley Enterprise, Inc., in the amount of $200,000. The ammunition is needed for the Police Department's ability to conduct ongoing firearms proficiency training and qualifications.
  • Approved an agreement with Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., for electrical supplies, in an amount not to exceed $400,000, for the period of Sept. 1, through Aug. 31, 2023. This agreement is for the purchase of a variety of electrical supplies including street lighting, electrical wire, connectors, conduits, ballasts, and traffic equipment used by multiple City departments.
  • Awarded a professional services agreement to J2 Engineering & Environmental Design, L.L.C., for the Snedigar Sports Complex multiuse field turf conversions design services, in an amount not to exceed $181,292.30.
  • Approved the purchase of traffic signs and related hardware, in an amount not to exceed $130,000. Each year, the City’s Traffic Division replaces approximately 1,000 traffic signs and posts annually due to damage, age and new design requirements.
  • Approved an agreement with BrightView Landscape Services, Inc., for landscape maintenance areas 1 through 4, in an amount not to exceed $2,653,290, for a one-year period through Aug. 21, 2023, with the option of four one-year extensions. Areas 1-4 include Loop 101 Price Freeway frontage roads, Chandler Mall Transit Center, Chandler Airport terminal area, bus rapid transit stations, and a large portion of the McQueen Yard, located at 975 E. Armstrong Way.
  • Approved an agreement with Core and Main, LP, for water meters, in an amount not to exceed $1,500,000, for the period of Sept. 1, through Aug. 31, 2023.
  • Approved the purchase of a 9-yard combination sewer cleaner, from AZ Wastewater Industries, Inc., in the amount of $535,292.97.
  • Approved a Class B Bingo license for The American Legion, Post 35, located at 2240 W. Chandler Blvd.
  • Recommended the following liquor license applications be approved by the State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control:
    • Series 7, beer and wine bar liquor license application for Pickleball Kingdom, located at 4950 W. Ray Road.
    • Series 10, beer and wine store liquor license application for Orange Tommy, located at 3875 W. Ray Road, Suite 7.
    • Series 12, restaurant liquor license application for Flower Child, located at 7131 W. Ray Road, Suite 10.

The Regular City Council meeting adjourned at 6:23 p.m.

During a Study Session held on Monday, Aug. 15, Mayor Hartke and the City Council recognized the following Team Chandler employees for their dedicated years of service:

  • Tuan Tram, 10 years, Information Technology Department
  • Tiffani Egnor, 10 years, Cultural Development Department
  • Crystal Castanon-Niño, 15 years, Community Services Department
  • Christy Schoonover, 20 years, Chandler Police Department
  • Trinidad Raya, 20 years, Chandler Police Department

Also, during the Study Session, the Mayor and Council proclaimed the September 2022 as Library Card Sign-Up Month and encouraged the public to get a free library card at month at any of the Chandler branches. The Mayor and Council also recognized Michael Simon for being elected as the American Legion State Commander. Mr. Simon currently serves as a member of Chandler’s Military and Veterans Affairs Commission.

During a Regular City Council meeting held on Monday, Aug. 15, the City Council approved the official results of the Aug. 2, 2022, Primary Election.

The next meeting of the Chandler City Council will be at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19. Council meetings are aired live, as well as replayed on the Chandler Channel - Cable Channel 11, streamed online at Chandler Video and on YouTube.

Note: These are not official meeting minutes of the City Council but rather a brief recap of the Council’s actions provided as a courtesy of the Chandler Communications and Public Affairs Department.

The City Clerk’s office posts official meeting results the morning following Council meetings. For a complete list of actions taken, visit Chandler Meetings and Agendas. Throughout the agenda, items are posted in red to signify any changes made at the meeting, and who voted no, or abstained.

For past City Council meeting minutes, visit Chandler Meetings and Agendas or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 480-782-2180. For any other information, contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at 480-782-2000.

Media contact:
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City of Chandler, Public Information Officer