Chandler Housing requires the tenant and landlord to enter into a written lease agreement annually. Chandler Housing must review and approve all leases before the landlord can use their lease for the program. The landlord must agree to include the HUD Lease Addendum as an attachment to the lease. If the landlord's lease contradicts anything in the HUD Tenancy Addendum or program regulations, the addendum and program regulations shall prevail.

The initial term of the lease must be for 1 year. After the initial term, the lease continues on a month-to-month basis indefinitely as long as there are available funds, and the unit, family and landlord are in compliance with program requirements, including family income or the tenant and landlord renew the lease for another lease term.

After the lease and Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract have been executed, the contract is processed for payment. Generally, the first payment takes approximately 30 to 45 days. Payments will be made by the first of the month via direct deposit (or by check by mail) into your savings or checking account each month. Landlords are encouraged to use automatic deposit.

Contact Chandler Housing at 480-782-3200 to request an ACH Form for the automatic deposit of rent payments.


The lease and HAP Contract may be transferred to a new property owner. The new owner will need to provide Chandler Housing with proof of ownership documentation and all required new owner information in order to begin receiving the Housing Assistance Payments.

If the landlord wants to terminate the lease, the landlord can only give the tenant a notice WITH CAUSE and with the proper action according to the Arizona Landlord Tenant Law. The landlord and tenant can also mutually agree to terminate the lease (in writing).  A landlord may choose not to renew the lease at the end of the lease term. The owner must give the family a minimum thirty (30) day notice to vacate the unit. Due to the time required to process a family to move, it would be advantageous for the landlord to provide the tenant with sixty (60) days notice to vacate. All notices to the tenants are required to be sent to Chandler Housing.

Chandler Housing does not conduct move-out inspections. Landlords must conduct their own move-out inspections of the unit.

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract

Only Chandler Housing can cancel the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract. A landlord is free to terminate a lease agreement pursuant to the State and local laws. Once the Lease agreement ends, the HAP Contract terminates automatically.