Leasing to Tenants

When you find someone who is interested in your unit you must screen the prospective tenant carefully to ensure that you are making a good selection. Chandler Housing does not screen families for suitability or behavior. We only screen families for income eligibility and criminal background. Therefore, Chandler Housing cannot provide a reference as to their expected behavior as tenants. You may use any or all of the following screening procedures to approve or deny an applicant:

  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Home Visits
  • Landlord References
  • Employment

Chandler Housing strongly encourages landlords to screen prospective tenants and to use all or any of the above screening methods as long as they do not discriminate. Discrimination includes any tenant selection based solely on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin or disability.

Your satisfaction as a landlord will be directly proportionate to how well you screen potential renters. Screening and selection are completely landlord responsibilities.

As a landlord, you should expect that your tenants:

  • Pay their rent on time.
  • Keep the unit clean.
  • Maintain exterior of residence and yard.
  • Avoid illegal activities by household members and guests.
  • Allow the Housing Authority inspector’s access to the unit to conduct inspections.
  • Permit landlord and designated repairmen access to the unit for repairs.
  • Avoid damage to property by household members and guests.
  • Refrain from disturbing others (respecting the right to peaceful enjoyment by their neighbors).
  • Allow only those occupants on the lease to reside in the unit. Comply with terms and conditions of the dwelling lease and tenancy addendum.

All income, benefits, and allowances must be verified with documentation. Chandler Housing staff must obtain written verification from independent third-party sources and document tenant files.

In addition, the Housing Authority reviews employment records through the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system. If unreported income is found, this can result in the termination of assistance. The family will be required to repay Chandler Housing for any overpaid assistance.

Change in Income

Any change in income or family composition must be reported to Chandler Housing in person within 10 business days of its occurrence by the tenant. Income Change Forms can be requested to be mailed by calling our office at 480-782-3200.  Failure to report or under-reporting changes could jeopardize the tenant’s eligibility for housing program assistance.