HOA Matching Grant Program

Chandler’s Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Matching Grant Program provides funding of up to $10,000 to registered HOAs within the City. Recipients are eligible to receive the grant once every three years. HOAs participating in the Neighborhood Registration Program may apply for the grant every three years. Currently, the Chandler Neighborhood Grant programs are funded at $15,000 annually.

The HOA Matching Grant Program empowers resident leaders, promotes resident participation, and improves the quality of life in Chandler neighborhoods. The grant program is designed to assist in strengthening and sustaining the social network of the Chandler community while dealing creatively to address cultural, security, beautification, recreation, and family/ youth issues through resident-driven activities within each neighborhood. The grants encourage and support neighborhood groups to invest in and build on the existing strengths and assets of each neighborhood. The HOA Matching Grant is intended to spur small grassroots community efforts and improve the quality of life of each neighborhood through resident involvement. The program is an opportunity for residents to learn the value of community and how neighborhood partnerships can be effectively invested to support strong and stable neighborhoods throughout the City of Chandler.

HOA Matching Grant Application

Under the Homeowners’ Association Matching Grant Program (the “HOA Program”), the City may provide a grant award to a homeowners’ association (“HOA”) for a small neighborhood improvement project. The amount of the grant award shall not exceed 50% of the cost of the project up to $10,000, and no grant funds shall be paid out by the City toward a project without receipt of documentation evidencing payment by the HOA of its proportionate share of the project costs (the “cash match”).

To be considered for an award under the HOA Matching Grant Program, an applicant shall comply with each of the following application requirements:

  1. The neighborhood shall be an HOA, by which is meant an “association” as defined in A.R.S. § 33-1802
  2. An active and current participant in the City of Chandler Neighborhood Registration Program.
  3. The applicant shall have reviewed the grant requirements with a Neighborhood Programs Office staff at 480-782-4348.
  4. Neighborhoods applying for an HOA Matching Grant should not have an active Annual Jump Start Grant.

  5. The applicant shall not have been awarded an HOA Matching grant within the three-year period immediately preceding the date of the filing of the application for benefits under this HOA Matching Grant Program, and

  6. The applicant shall not hold an uncompleted grant from the City of Chandler for any year prior to the date of the filing of the application for benefits under this HOA matching Grant Program.
  7. The project for which an award is sought shall be of an “eligible project type” as described in the next section below, and
  8. The project for which an award is sought shall not have commenced prior to the City providing written approval of the grant award for the project. Any on-going project and any funding expended prior to the approval of the grant are not eligible for the HOA Matching Grant Program. The exception to this requirement is for pre-planning of the project to include data gatherings such as City requirements and project cost estimates and bids.
  9. A completed written application in such form as may be required by the City and signed by an authorized representative for the HOA shall be submitted to the Neighborhood Programs Office. In addition, where applicable, the following additional information/documentation shall be provided before the application is deemed complete:
    • In all cases, a site plan drawing indicating the site location of the proposed project must be submitted with the application. Where the proposed project is such that a permit -- either a building permit, a special use permit or both – must be issued by the City prior to commencing construction of the project improvements, the more detailed site plan normally required for such a permit may also be submitted as part of the HOA Program application.
    • If construction or other work for the proposed project will be done by a contractor retained by the HOA, three (3) written proposals or bids for construction or service must be attached with the application, together with a copy of the contract agreement executed or to be executed by the HOA with the contractor selected for the work.


There are five eligible project types for which a grant may be awarded. They are:

  1. Improvement of monument entry signs
  2. Painting of planned development perimeter walls
  3. Enhanced landscaping in development common areas
  4. General enhancement projects
  5. Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) Program (To qualify for this project, a task list and volunteer responsibility list will be required along with an outline of the notification process.)

The improvements to be constructed, repaired, replaced or maintained as part of the eligible project must occur in areas of the development that are viewable by the general public. All such projects must be in compliance with applicable City zoning and development requirements. The award of a grant under this program does not constitute any required zoning or development approval or building or use permit approval, and the award may be conditioned upon any such approvals being obtained by the HOA within a reasonable period-of-time, not to exceed 6 months, following the making of the award.

An application filed under the HOA Matching Grant Program shall be processed as follows:

  1. Neighborhood Programs staff member will review the grant application for completeness and basic eligibility. Deficiencies will be noted and must be corrected by the applicant prior to the application being deemed completed.
  2. A completed application will be resubmitted to the Neighborhood Programs Office, who will review the proposed project and overall impact it will have on the applicant’s neighborhood and the general community. The Neighborhood Programs staff will rate each application based on the following:
    • Is there substantial community involvement in the project?
    • To what extent will the project contribute to the long-term sustainability of the neighborhood and enhance the appearance and vitality of the neighborhood?
    • To what extent will the general-public be impacted by the enhanced visual appearance of the neighborhood resulting from the project? (E.g., a project involving improvements along an arterial road within the city limits will generally be considered to impact the general public to a greater extent than a project whose improvements are more localized.)
    • Is there a need for grant funds in order for the project to be undertaken/completed or are other means of funding available?
    • Is there documentation to verify the HOA’s financial condition in the preceding two years? (Copy of a current Reserve Study may be provided in lieu of the two years of financial statements).
  3. Neighborhood Programs staff will forward the application, together with their recommendation and rating of the application, to the Neighborhood Resources Director for final action.
  4. Neighborhood Programs staff will provide written notice by email of the action taken by the Neighborhood Resources Director. Notice of approval will be deemed to constitute grant approval and the date of such notice shall constitute the “award date.” If an application is denied, the applicant may reapply on or after the 31st day following the date that the notice of denial is transmitted.

Award Approval of an application shall be deemed to include the following standard conditions to be completed during the 12-month period following the award date:

  1. Neighborhood Safety
    The HOA must be an active participant in the City of Chandler Block Watch Program. If the HOA is already enrolled in Block Watch, and it has participated in GAIN the year prior, then the HOA must participate in the Mayor’s Excellence Awards, which is held every August and the GAIN Event, which is held every October.
  2. Community Building
    The HOA must provide evidence of resident involvement and outreach through community meetings, neighborhood events, social network building activity; volunteerism and/or communication tools such as newsletters, fliers, neighborhood web page site, etc. If you would like to utilize City duplication services, a cost estimate for printing and mailing can be provided through the Neighborhood Programs Office.
  3. Neighborhood Education
    A minimum of 10 residents from the neighborhood must demonstrate civic involvement by participating in a City-sponsored event. A minimum participation of 10 members/residents is required along with proof of participation via a sign-in sheet or other forms available
  4. Project Completion
    Report Once grant activities are completed, a Project Completion report must be provided to Neighborhood Programs Office in order to highlight and share successes of the Program. The report should include photographs that clearly outline resident activities that supported an increase in the neighborhood’s social network.
  5. Cash Match
    The HOA must complete the payment of its proportionate share of the total project cost and Provide evidence thereof to the City.

The project must be completed within 12 months from the award date. If the project is not completed within this time frame, the HOA may be requested to provide a written statement as to why the project has not been timely completed. If the HOA has not provided such a written statement within fourteen (14) days of the request, the grant award will be deemed forfeited and the HOA will have to reapply. The 12-month period is a maximum time period; many projects can and should be completed in a shorter time frame.

Payment Requirements
The HOA must meet such payment requirements as set by the Neighborhood Programs Office in order to comply with any federal or state tax requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the grant application or process, please call the Office of Neighborhood Programs at 480-782-4348. Thank you for your interest in the HOA Matching Grant Program and in your desire to make a difference in your neighborhood and the community.