Water Conservation Education & Resources

Learning to conserve water starts at an early age and continues throughout adulthood. To help reinforce proactive habits, the City of Chandler offers provides numerous resources for educators, students and HOAs.


For Teachers

Whether you teach from home or within a school use our engaging and interactive resources to teach your students about the importance of water conservation. Organize an assembly, host a puppet show, bring students to our Annual Make a Splash Water Festival or take advantage of our supplemental curriculum. We appreciate your dedication to teaching our students about water conservation.
Resources for Teachers


For Students

Interested in learning about how to conserve water? Every drop counts. Explore interactive games to learn about water, the water cycle, tips for saving water and more.
Resources for Students


For HOAs

Let the City of Chandler assist your neighborhoods in water conservation efforts through an inspection of the community irrigation system, conducting a water budget evaluation or speaking at an HOA meeting. Or simple review articles that provide tips for planning, pruning, landscaping in an effort to reduce water use.
Resources for HOAs


For Business

Resources for Businesses