How Blockchain Voting Works

Getting Started

Search for “Voatz” in your phone’s app store, or:  


The Voatz app is supported on: 

  • Android smartphones running Android 8.0+ 
  • iPhones running iOS 12.4+ 

Please note, the Voatz app is not supported on Android tablets; however, it is supported on an iPad 3 or newer, but it must have a cellular connection capable of receiving SMS messages.

If you don’t have a supported device, there is an option to vote in person. Please contact the City of Chandler for a list of available voting kiosks and their hours of operations.


Young voters, ages 13 to 17,  will be able to participate in the pilot election by signing up via a web portal. They will get a QR Code that will be used to credential into the pilot election and gain access to the ballot.

Creating an Account

Our voter guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you download the Voatz app and create an account. Help is also available in the app by tapping the Help button in the top right corner of most screens.

An SMS (text) notification will temporarily display at the top of your screen, but if you miss it, you can still retrieve it:

  • For Android phones: You’ll need to keep Voatz running in the background while retrieving your 6-digit code. To do this, use the bottom navigation buttons on your phone to switch between Voatz and your text messaging app.
  • For iPhones: Switch to your Messages app and locate the 6-digit code, then return to the Voatz app to enter it.

Please tap the request new code button to receive a new SMS registration code. It may take a few minutes to receive it, and when you do, check to make sure you enter all 6 digits correctly. Then you’ll be able to tap the Next button to continue creating an account.


  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct number of digits
  • Make sure your PIN does not contain three sequential numbers (e.g. 123) or three repeating  numbers (e.g. 111)
  • PINs for Android devices require 12 digits
  • PINs for iOS devices require 8 digits



Follow the instructions in the voter guide, or watch the Onboarding & Identity Verification video on the home screen to learn how to verify your identity using the Voatz app.

Voatz identity verification works with a number of government-issued photo ID, including:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport

At this time, you are not able to complete the verification process with a military ID.


Please quit the Voatz app, log in again, and tap Verifications. You should see a checkmark next to Identity, and your county should be listed on that screen. If 24 hours have passed and you’re still not verified, contact the Voatz help desk for assistance.


Verification may take a few hours to complete. Please quit the Voatz app, log in again and check if you’re verified. If 24 hours have passed and you’re still not verified, contact the Voatz help desk for assistance.

Please quit the Voatz app, log in again, and tap Verifications. Your county should be listed on that screen. If you don’t see it, contact the Voatz help desk for assistance.



You will see a red circle next to Elections on the home screen: tap on Elections to view your ballot and vote.

If you don’t see a red circle next to Elections, tap the “refresh” icon (a circular arrow icon) located to the right of your name on the home screen. A red circle should appear next to  Elections, and you can tap to view your ballot and vote. 

 If you still don’t see a red circle next to Elections, contact the Voatz help desk for assistance.


Your ballot receipt is sent to the email address you entered when you created an account. The email subject line is “Your Official Ballot Receipt(sender email address: If you haven’t received the email, please check your spam, junk, and/or trash folder to make sure it didn’t end up there.

If you’re not sure what email address you used to create an account, go to the Voatz app home screen and tap Verifications, then tap Device. Press and hold the box to view the email address associated with your account.


From the Voatz home screen, tap on Options, then tap on Ballot Receipt Password. Press and hold the box to view your password. It might be helpful to write it down so you can easily enter it when you return to your email to view your receipt.

The City of Chandler will set up voting kiosks in multiple public places for voters that would like to vote in person. Please contact the City of Chandler City Clerk for a list of places that will support the kiosk voting and their hours of operations.

In-person voters will not need to scan their ID to access the pilot election ballot. Instead, they will show their ID to the poll worker and in order to get a scannable QR Code which will be used to credential in the iPad kiosk. After scanning the QR Code, the voter will have access to the ballot.


City of Chandler Mobile Voting Pilot eligible voters do not need to sign up to vote on the mock election. They can go directly to one of the available kiosk voting places and show their valid government-issued ID. 

Participants, ages 13 to 17, will need to sign up for the pilot election, via a web portal, 72-hours prior to visiting a voting kiosk location.


The Voatz app provides robust support for all voters, including those with visual, cognitive, mobility, and dexterity disabilities.  (Hearing is not required for voting unless using a screen reader.)  Voatz supports these native smartphone capabilities:

  • VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers
  • Predictable layout and navigation
  • Configurable font size
  • Voice Control for hands-free use (on iOS)
  • Speech-to-Text (e.g. for write-ins)
  • Flexible session timeout limitations

Visually impaired voters can vote independently and privately from their smartphones using its screenreader capabilities (VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android.).  

Note: some voters may require assistance using their smartphone to photograph their ID for identity verification.   However, once completed, voters will be able to vote unassistedContext-sensitive help is provided throughout the app which is read aloud when a screenreader is detected.

The following video demonstrates how VoiceOver/TalkBack screenreaders work.  For further information refer to Settings > Accessibility on your smartphone.

Watch Video


Voters can vote hands-free on iOS smartphones using the Voice Control feature.  Watch the following video to demonstrate how iOS  Voice Control works. 

Watch Video

Additional Help

Please contact the City of Chandler City Clerk for any questions regarding:  

  • Your voter registration record and your eligibility for this pilot program
  • The overall pilot program - participation options, procedures and guidelines

Contact Voatz Support. To expedite the process, please have the following information ready:

  • Election you are voting in
  • Your name and mobile number
  • Your phone model (e.g. iPhone 10 or Moto G6)
  • A brief description of what you’re trying to do (e.g. install Voatz, create an account, access your ballot, vote) and any error message you might have received