Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

Landlords have the same rights and responsibilities in the Housing Choice Voucher program as they have with any open market renter. Landlords must:

  • Maintain your property in good condition.
  • Complete all necessary repairs within a reasonable amount of time upon request by the Housing Authority or tenant, including all 24 hours emergency items. The amount of time that is considered reasonable depends upon the nature of the problem. Usually 30 days or any approved extension by Chandler Housing.
  • Set reasonable rules about the use of unit and common areas. Except for emergencies or tenant's requested repairs, do not enter a unit without tenant's permission and/or proper notice.
  • Collect appropriate security deposit as directed under the program and use it only in accordance with local and state law.
  • Comply with equal housing opportunity requirements.
  • Enforce tenant obligations under your dwelling lease (be fair, firm and consistent)
  • Take action through the Court system in order to evict a tenant when they violate the lease (no self-help evictions tactics).

If you have repeated problems with the tenant, you have the right to enforce your lease and take the necessary actions against the tenant. Whenever you do start proceedings against a client, you must follow State Laws. Should you send the tenant any correspondence, such as a warning letter or a notice to vacate, please send a copy to the local housing authority.

Each tenant is assigned a Housing Specialist. Zelda manages families with last names A-K (A-J), Vivian manages families with last names L-Z (K-Z). Generally, the role of the housing specialist is to handle any matters concerning the family's income, household composition changes and all matters concerning the unit and payments. To find out who your tenant staff representative is, contact our main office number at 480-782-3200.

As the landlord and property owner, you are responsible for basic maintenance and normal wear and tear of the unit. You must make repairs that are your responsibility within a reasonable amount of time (generally 30 days) or Chandler Housing will hold or abate your Housing Assistance Payments.

As with any tenancy, repairs for tenant-caused damages are the responsibility of the tenant, including damages caused by your tenant, members of your tenant's household or your tenant's guest. Chandler Housing does not reimburse the landlord for tenant caused damages at this time. You should collect a security deposit and enforce your lease provision in the same way you would with any other tenants you rent to on the open market. You should seek reimbursement from the tenant for any damage repair costs paid on the tenant's behalf. If the unit does not pass the annual inspection because of something your tenant is responsible for, then your tenant will need to have repairs made within a reasonable amount of time (generally 30 days unless an emergency 24 hours item) or the family's assistance will be terminated.