Neighborhood Assistance Program

Applications, except for the Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) program, are not being accepted at this time as FY 2023/24 funding has been exhausted. If additional funding becomes available, we will post that notification information here. 

For TNR assistance program applications/inquiries, please contact Neighborhood Preservation Program Manager Priscilla Quintana directly at 480-782-4363.

Chandler's Neighborhood Assistance Program encourages and supports neighborhood groups to invest in and build on each neighborhood's existing strengths and assets. The program is intended to spur small grassroots community efforts and improve the quality of life in each neighborhood through resident involvement. Neighborhood assistance provides an opportunity for residents to learn the value of community and how neighborhood partnerships can be effectively invested to support strong and stable neighborhoods throughout the City of Chandler.

The Neighborhood Assistance Program is open to all registered Chandler neighborhoods.

  • Find out if your neighborhood is registered and/or register your neighborhood
  • The neighborhood assistance program is open from July 2023 - May 15, 2024, or until all FY 23/24 funds have been awarded.
  • The application response time may be up to 15 business days.
  • Applicants and supporters' contact information provided on neighborhood assistance applications will be available to the public for the purpose of working with other neighborhood leaders to achieve the same goal.
  • Neighborhoods governed by a management company must receive approval from the neighborhood management representative.
  • Providing false information on any neighborhood assistance application may result in the suspension of applying for funding for up to 12 months.

*Assistance projects are evaluated and selected based upon a series of criteria.

For more information, please contact Neighborhood Programs at 480-782-4348.