Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling can be done in a variety of ways! From recycling items in your blue can to donating items to local charities, the City of Chandler offers many programs and resources to help residents keep items out of the landfill. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects our environment. Thank you for doing your part.

In-house Recycling Containers

In-house containers are available for residents to transfer recycling items accepted in the City's recycling program from inside their home to their blue recycling curbside container. In-house containers are free but subject to availability.  

In-House Container Dimensions

6-Gallon Recycling Basket (with handle)
6-gallon capacity
Measures: 10.5" l x 9.5" w x 12.5" h


14-Gallon Recycling Tub (without handle)
14-gallon capacity
Measures: 17.5" l x 14" w x 14" h

Call Solid Waste Customer Service at 480-782-3510 for details about how you can receive an in-house recycling container for your home.