Directory of Regulatory Documents

This Directory is to serve as a summary of the current applicable ordinances, code and substantive policy statements for those Licenses, Permits, Certificates or other Similar Forms of Permission required by law as it relates to a "Directory of Documents" required by ARS 9-837 (established by SB 1598), also known as the Regulatory Bill of Rights. This list is meant to be as broad as possible and may include areas outside regulations specifically dictated by the Legislation. Documents not available online are available as a hard copy for public inspection only at the Chandler City Clerk's Office, located at 175 S. Arizona Avenue, 1st Floor.


The Code of the City of Chandler, Arizona (i.e. Chandler City Code)
(Main body of adopted laws\ordinances of the City, including Zoning Ordinances. Adopts nationally recognized building codes by reference and contains amendments to the adopted building codes, specific to the City of Chandler)

2018 International Building Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating the construction of new commercial and multi-family buildings and structures)

2018 International Fire Code
(A nationally recognized code governing regulations that safeguard life and property from all types of fire and explosions hazards.)

2017 National Electrical Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating non-utility electrical work on private property)

2018 International Plumbing Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating plumbing work, including materials and workmanship, on private property)

2018 International Mechanical Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating mechanical work, on private property)

2018 International Residential Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating the construction, modification and alteration of residential one and two family dwellings)

2018 International Fuel Gas Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating the installation, modification, and addition to fuel gas systems on private property)

2018 International Energy Conservation Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating construction requirements for energy conservation in new and existing residential and commercial buildings)

2018 International Existing Building Code
(A nationally recognized code regulating the repair, alteration, changes of occupancy, and additions to existing buildings)

Plans & Policies

Manuals, Guidelines & Technical Details

Unified Development Manual - Electronic access enables quick reference to more than three hundred pages of legislated municipal regulations, administrative procedures, technical standards and construction specifications. This is also the place to find application forms for a variety of permits, licenses or other forms of permission. Users may wish to print out applicable provisions or forms.