Housing in Chandler

Aerial of Downtown Chandler

Chandler offers an excellent quality of life with great schools and job opportunities, which makes our community a highly desirable housing market. Gain insight into residential development and measures being taken to address the supply and affordability of housing. State law prohibits cities from implementing controls on rent increases and requiring affordable housing as a condition of residential zoning. With that said, our priorities are to:

  • Create more housing of all types and income levels
  • Keep affordable housing in good repair
  • Help people stay in housing through temporary assistance

Development and Land Use

Today, there are more than 112,000 total housing units in Chandler, offering single-family and multi-family housing options for residents.

Current Housing Types

71.7% Single Family Homes
20.9% Apartments
5.5% - Condos
1.8% - Mobile Homes

While some new single-family neighborhoods are awaiting development, most future residential housing in Chandler will occur through infill and redevelopment projects.

Planning has fostered innovation and investment that made Chandler into the city we are today. About 93 percent of the land available has been developed. Less than two percent of the remaining land is designated for residential development. The rest is designated for employment uses. This interactive planning map provides locations of recently approved or pending residential developments.


  • Multifamily development by the private sector has outpaced single family homes during the past 10 years
    • More than 8,400 multifamily units have been completed in Chandler since 2013
    • Nearly 7,000 single-family homes have been completed since 2013


  • Nearly 2,500 additional single and multifamily housing units have been approved for development since November 2020. 
    • Those units are either under construction or pending development
  • Strategic Framework Neighborhoods Focus
    • To sustain an exceptional quality of life for Chandler residents, preservation and enhancement of neighborhoods is paramount:
      • Preserve neighborhood quality
      • Streamline processes to approve housing options
      • Promote the viability of neighborhoods
      • Preserve and recognize our historic buildings and neighborhoods
  • Chandler General Plan
    • Provide for a variety of housing choices for all income levels
    • Encourage private investment in affordable housing
    • Increase capacity for and coordination of affordable housing programs and projects
    • Concentrate on improving housing affordability citywide
    • Encourage compatible infill projects
  • Chandler Public Housing Plan
    • Redevelop public housing sites to provide housing affordability options for seniors and families
    • Use grants to help low-income homeowners address emergency or minor repairs
  • Working to meet the needs of those across the housing continuum
    • Affordable Housing
    • Workforce/Attainable Housing
    • Market Rate Housing
  • Review development codes and other tools to facilitate diversity of housing choices
  • Initiate redevelopment of Chandler’s public housing units with a focus on maintaining senior housing options

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing describes specific types of subsidized housing programs available to the working poor and those with low-income to secure housing. Chandler has operated a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designated, high-performing Public Housing Authority since 1972.

Housing Inventory

Redevelopment of Affordable Housing Properties

Villas on McQueen

In October 2022, Chandler City Council approved the first phase of redevelopment  of Chandler’s public housing to create new affordable units

  • New 157-unit multifamily development of subsidized affordable housing with priority given to seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities
Proposals & Planning

Proposals under review to identify options for redevelopment of two public housing sites located at 210 N. McQueen Road and 73 S. Hamilton St. 

  • Redevelopment of properties could yield upwards of 200 additional units
  • Housing of special populations such as seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans to be given priority

Types of Housing Assistance Programs in Chandler

Affordable housing is a priority for everyone. But let’s get real, understanding the basic terms of housing assistance can be confusing … but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a breakdown of the three types of housing assistance programs in Chandler.