Parks and Recreation Policies and Procedures

Explore our essential policies, rules and regulations relating to the use of Chandler Parks & Recreation facilities and programs.


Break Time Family

In Chandler, we are focused on providing parks and recreational opportunities and programs that make us a premier community in which to: Discover. Image. Grow. Our wonderful public parks, playgrounds and affordable recreational programs bring communities together and enrich lives. Below is general information, policies and procedures related to these offerings. 


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Production Information

Questions about classes/registration, call 480-782-2727. Questions about Break Time delivery, call 480-782-2910. The Break Time recreation guide is produced by the City of Chandler Community Services Department. Break Time is edited and designed by Vanessa Isaula and Tiffanie Hawkins. Questions or comments about Break Time can be directed to: breaktime@


Corrections and Updates

Although the Community Services staff makes every effort to ensure each issue of Break Time is free from errors, there are times when errors or revisions in dates, times, fees, instructors or registration information do occur. We strive to correct this information in a timely manner and we recommend that you check the City’s website, , for up-todate information. Online fees and corrections supersede the printed Break Time publication. We appreciate your patience and understanding when these situations occur.

Virtual Break

Time Enhance your registration experience through our interactive Break Time! This virtual document will allow customers to click on activities and programs which are linked back to the registration system. If viewing this document prior to our initial registration date add the activity to your Wish List making your registration experience easier. Once our initial registration date has past, customers will be able to complete an activity registration by clicking on the activity code which will direct them to the registration page.

Arrowhead Pool* 1475 W. Erie St.

Basha Library 5990 S. Val Vista Dr.

Chamber of Commerce 25 S. Arizona Pl.

Chandler Center for the Arts 250 N. Arizona Ave.

Chandler City Hall Lobby 175 S. Arizona Ave.

Community Center 125 E. Commonwealth Ave.

Chandler Downtown Library 22 S. Delaware St.

Chandler Municipal Airport 2380 S. Stinson Way

Chandler Municipal Court 200 E. Chicago St.

Chandler Police Chandler Heights 4040 E. Chandler Heights Rd.

Chandler Police Desert Breeze 251 N. Desert Breeze Blvd.

Chandler Police Downtown 250 E. Chicago St.

Chandler Tennis Center 2250 S. McQueen Rd.

Desert Oasis Aquatic Center* 1400 W. Summit Pl.

Environmental Education Center 4050 E. Chandler Heights Rd.

Folley Pool* 600 E. Fairview Drive

Hamilton Aquatic Center 3838 S. Arizona Ave.

Hamilton Library 3700 S. Arizona Ave.

Housing & Redevelopment 235 S. Arizona Ave.

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center 5901 S. Hillcrest Dr.

Nozomi Aquatic Center 250 S. Kyrene Rd.

Planning & Development 215 E. Buffalo St.

Senior Center 202 E. Boston St.

Snedigar Recreation Center 4500 S. Basha Rd.

Sunset Library 4930 W. Ray Rd.

Tumbleweed Recreation Center 745 E. Germann Rd.

Vision Gallery 10 E. Chicago St.


*Arrowhead, Desert Oasis and Folley Pool locations only carry the summer issue of Break Time.

City Initiated

The City reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Early registration is encouraged to help prevent course cancellation due to an apparent lack of interest. If a class or program is canceled, you will be notified and offered an alternative choice, if available. If no alternative is available, a full refund or credit on account (your choice) will be issued within 30 days. The City also reserves the right to cancel, postpone, combine classes, change rooms, or change instructors, as needed.


Participant Initiated

Recreation: If you wish to cancel your recreation class or program enrollment, you must notify the Recreation staff at 480-782-2727, 480-782-2640 or 480-782- 2900 at least 48 hours PRIOR to the class start date for a full refund. Less than 48 hours notice results in a 50 percent refund. Refunds are not available after 50 percent of the course/class session is complete. Supply fee refunds will be pro-rated based on attendance, unless otherwise stated on the registration receipt. Aquatics: If you wish to cancel your Aquatics program enrollment, you must notify the Aquatics office at 480-782-2756 or 480-782-2753 at least three days PRIOR to the program/session start date for a full refund. Less than three days notice will result in 50 percent of the class fee refunded. The start date of class/session, no refund is issued. This refund policy does not apply to Aquatic Certification Courses.


Online Customer Withdrawals

Customers now have the option to withdrawal (refund) from an activity online! If you wish to complete a class withdrawal online, your transaction must be completed three (3) days prior to the start date of the session/class. Less than three days, the customer must call to request a refund. Other restrictions may be enforced and the Cancellation of Classes/Programs and Refunds Policy applies. Please see FAQ on page 15 or online for steps to complete this process.

A $25 service charge will be assessed on returned checks.

The City of Chandler strives to maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and respect. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.

Non-registered individuals are not allowed in classrooms, either as an observer, family member or dependent, unless class description specifies otherwise. All classrooms have windows for observation

The Parks and Recreation Divisions are committed to providing high-quality programs and services. If you are not satisfied, you are encouraged to share your feedback with staff.

By providing your email address to the Parks and Recreation Divisions, you will be able to receive electronic communications that notify you of important information about Break Time availability, upcoming registration dates, changes in policies and procedures and more. Has your email address changed? Please notify us of your new email address by calling 480-782-2640, or send an email to with your new address. And don’t forget to adjust your spam filters to allow you to receive email from the City

Class Fees

Paid to the “City of Chandler” when you register.


Instructor and Supply Fees

Some classes will require students to pay instructor fees and/or to purchase supplies in addition to the class fee. Instructor/supply fees should be paid directly to the instructor at the first class.


Non-resident Fees Policy

The City has a non-resident fee policy that is 35% higher than residents to ensure the funding of aquatics, parks and recreation programs and facilities on an equitable basis with residents who pay City taxes. Customer residency is verified via our registration program. See Residency for more information.

Most offices and recreation facilities of the City of Chandler will be closed (and no classes will be held) for major holidays.

Winter Holiday Closures:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day

Spring Holiday Closures:

  • Memorial Day

Summer Holiday Closures:

  • Fourth of July

Fall Holiday Closures:  

  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving


The Tumbleweed Recreation Center and the Chandler Tennis Center are open on some holidays. Please visit the facility website for more information.

The Community Services Department welcomes and encourages the participation of children and adults with disabilities in all of its classes, programs and activities. Our Therapeutic Recreation staff offer activities specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. In addition, we welcome and encourage persons with disabilities to participate in our general recreation and aquatics classes, programs, and activities. We are committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and to maintaining accessible facilities, classes, programs and activities; promoting inclusion through reasonable accommodations; and striving to make the recreational experience a positive and successful one for all. If an individual requires assistance in order to successfully participate in one of our classes, programs, or activities, an accommodation should be requested. Completion and submission of a Request for Accommodation at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a class, program, or activity, is requested to allow City staff to review the request and make the necessary arrangements to accommodate individuals with disabilities who otherwise meet program eligibility requirements. Inquiries concerning program accessibility and disability accommodation should be directed to the Recreation Inclusion Specialist, Collette Prather, at 480-782-2709 (voice) or 711 via AZ Relay Service. For more about the ADA and City services, programs, and activities, please contact the ADA Coordinator, at 480-782-3402 or

The Chandler Recreation Division is always looking for skilled instructors who are motivated to share their expertise with people of all ages. Qualified instructors are needed for a variety of subjects and you may submit your own ideas for classes. Our classes are taught at several community centers and facilities at various times of the day. Staff will work with you to find a time and location to best fit your needs. Instructor pay starts at $11.50/hour and is dependent on experience.

The City of Chandler will not prohibit any individual from participating in an activity due to a medical condition or impairment, unless the condition is likely to cause injury to the individual or other participants. An individual who has been told by a medical professional that he/she has a medical condition that is likely to cause harm to him/herself or other participants is obligated to inform the City of this condition or to withdraw from the program.

Customers now have the option to transfer from one activity into another activity online! All class/activity transfers must be completed three (3) days prior to the start date of the session/class. Less than three days, the customer must call to request an activity transfer. Other restrictions may be enforced and the Cancellation of Classes/Programs and Refunds Policy applies. Please see FAQ on page 15 or online for steps to complete this process.

In order to be PCI-DSS Compliant we no longer accept credit cards for mail-in or drop-off registration. Credit cards can be accepted for over-the-counter transactions that allow a customer service representative to swipe or enter your credit card info.


Please be advised that Chandler Parks & Recreation staff may photograph or videotape program participants, special event attendees and users of department facilities of all ages for publication, Channel 11 television shows, social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) or other marketing materials as deemed necessary. Unless informed otherwise at the time of registration for a program, the City presumes that consent to be photographed or videotaped has been given by facility users and program participants. Such photographs may be used by the City without an obligation to provide compensation to those photographed or videotaped.

Photo Submission

Program participants can submit photos of their own from Chandler parks, facilities or events for consideration to be published in Break Time or used in other marketing materials by emailing them to Include:

  1. Your name, address, and telephone number
  2. Names of those in the photographs and what activity is featured
  3. The statement “I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by the City of Chandler or anyone authorized by the City of Chandler of any and all photographs. These photographs may be used for any purpose whatsoever, without compensation.”

Any business interested in using a City park as a location for delivery of a program or service is required to obtain a Recreation Vendor Park Permit. All programs and services must be conducted within posted park hours. Park policies and set participation maximums must also be adhered to.

  • Mail-In and Drop-Off registration forms are currently being accepted and will be combined and processed randomly, starting at 10 a.m. on the registration opening date.
  • Online registrations are processed in realtime, as you use the system.
  • Registration forms will NOT be processed prior to 10 a.m. on registration opening day. Registration forms received after noon on the opening date will be processed by date received, in random order, starting the Monday after registration begins.
  • Registrations dropped off at 8 a.m. have no priority over those received later in the day, or those received in the mail that same day.
  • The City of Chandler is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.


Aquatic Registration Policies

  1. Priority registration will be given to all Chandler residents registering for aquatic classes and programs. After resident registration, the registration process will be open to non-residents, if sufficient space exists in the program/class. Please refer to the Swim Lesson Schedules for the individual pools for registration dates.
  2. To ensure all individuals have an opportunity to participant or learn how to swim, enrollees are only allowed to register for one class per session.
  3. Registration received after the registration deadline will be processed by date received in random order. We encourage residents to register early to secure enrollment!


Aquatic Late Registration Procedures

Late registration for swimming sessions will be held at the individual pools on the first day of classes, unless otherwise indicated. Late registration is taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up at the pool in which you would like to take classes.

Any class or activity that includes a registration code after or beneath its description, such as the example below, denotes that advance registration is required. An activity or special event without these codes signifies that it is open for drop-in participation, which may or may not also include a fee, depending on the program. Example: 3XX001 (indicates advance registration required)

Our registration system verifies residency by a flat file associated with a GIS (Geographical Information System). Check your residency status by visiting Unfortunately, customers living in County Islands are not eligible to receive resident registration privileges or rates. If you are charged a non-resident fee while completing your registration, we will be happy to re-verify your address. However, if we are unable to verify through our resources you will be asked to provide one, or more, of the following documents to verify residency: most recent year property tax bill or business license and check imprinted with a Chandler address.


The City of Chandler Aquatics Program offers fee assistance programs to help families or individuals in their efforts to learn to swim or participant in other aquatic program opportunities. Funding is limited and available through the American Red Cross Centennial Donation Fund. Other fee assistance opportunities are available.



A scholarship program is available to help economically disadvantaged individuals and families improve their quality of life through leisure opportunities. Scholarships are available for most youth sports, special interest classes and swim lessons. The program is only available to Chandler residents who qualify, but does not cover supply fees, instructor fees or trip fees. Income verification is required. For an application and further eligibility information, please stop by the Community Center, 125 E. Commonwealth Ave. or call 480-782-2727. Si desea mas información en español, favor de telefonear al Departamento de Parques y Recreación de Chandler al numero 480- 782-2720.



Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities offers a financial assistance program to Chandler residents with disabilities to pursue education, leisure or other meaningful interests. For more information, please call Collette Prather at 480-782-2709.

If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be notified if an opening becomes available. Notification may come as late as the start day of a class.