Civil Plan Review and Inspections

Civil Engineering Plan Review staff are responsible for the review and approval of civil plans associated with developments and capital improvement projects. The civil engineering portion of site development includes:

  • Infrastructure Improvements: Grading, Drainage, Retention, Paving, Water, Sewer, Reclaimed Water and Fire Lines
  • Plats:  Preliminary Plats, Final Plats, Re-Plat, and Minor Land Divisions

Pre-Technical Review

The City of Chandler Pre-technical Review is now required for any proposed subdivision, site plan development, new building or substantial building addition. This process is free of charge.

Pre-Technical Site Plan Review Application, Instructions & Process

Electronic Plan Review

The City can receive, review, and return engineering designs electronically.  Customers can register, set up a log-in and password. First-time users of the system are encouraged to call the city to speak with staff that can assist them.  The City will continue accepting printed plans but will be encouraging customers to begin using the online system.

Civil Fees & Processing

Document Review Fees
(Effective – July 1, 2018)
Review Time Frame
Preliminary Plat

Civil:  $785 + $7.85/lot
Planning: $785 + $7.85/lot 

10 business days
Minor Land Division (MLD)

Civil: $340
Planning: $315

Recording Per Maricopa County Fees

20 business days
Final Plat/Re-Plat

Civil: $850 + $8.50/lot
Planning: $785 +7.85/lot

Recording Per Maricopa County Fees

20 business days
Improvement Plans

Civil:  $440/sheet *
Contact Planner for Major/Minor Classification 
(Major-$2,395 + $105/acre, Minor-$385)

20 business days
Re-Approvals Civil: $110 20 business days

* Review Fees are calculated by sheet count and do not include Landscaping or Erosion and Sediment Control Plans.  Additional review fees of $150/sheet/review are added after 4 or more reviews.



Preliminary Plat Preliminary Plat Review Checklist Preliminary Plat Submittal Form
Final Plat/Re-Plat Final Plat Review Checklist Final Plat Submittal Form
Minor Land Division  (MLD) Final Plat Submittal Form

Minor Land Division Submittal Form


Improvement Plans

On-site improvement plans must be submitted separately from off-site plans with a different City Log Number to meet close-out and bonding requirements.

Submittal Forms

City of Chandler
General Notes

Improvement Plans Submittal Form General Notes Improvement Plan Review Checklist
Civil Improvement/ Encroachment Permit & Street Cut Application Grading and Drainage Notes Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Review Checklist
Certificate of Quantities Paving Notes  
Offsite Construction Estimate Water Notes  
Grading at Owner's Risk Permit Disclaimer

Sewer Notes

Wastewater Discharge Questionnaire Reclaimed Water Notes  

Sustainable Water Service Application

Fire, Health, & Medical Notes



Water Meter Certificate Signing and Striping Notes  
Reclaimed Water User’s Manual and Application Streetlight Notes APS Area
Streetlight Notes SRP Area


Floodplains in Chandler

Several small areas in Chandler are located in what is commonly referred to as the 100-year floodplain. These areas are generally adjacent to canal banks and railroad track embankments where water ponds can develop during periods of heavy rainfall. To determine whether your property is located in a floodplain, visit the Maricopa County Flood Control District.